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Sep 30, 2019

Thank you for tuning in to The Employer Blueprint Podcast and this week we are excited to bring you the Owner and The Insurance Guy at The REAL Insurance Agency, Christian Moore. 10 years ago Christian began his journey after being recruited to work for State Farm as an insurance agent. During his time with State Farm, Christian was very successful and was on the path to being an agency owner when he left and began working for an independent agency. This transition was an eye opener to Christian in that there were more products available to offer his clients and better ways of serving his community. While speaking with two friends of his who were entrepreneurs and investors, Christian was encouraged to start his own agency and was able to do so after being funded by his two friends who became his business partners. This created an amazing opportunity for Christian in that he was able to create an agency with a company culture unlike other agencies. Doing things the way they had always been done was not the goal for Christian’s new agency, as he set out to create a company culture that had a bigger purpose than to just make money. This is when REAL Insurance was created, and according to Christian, it is a “technology company that happens to sell insurance.” REAL Insurance and the culture of the company is one with a purpose to give back to the community that it is a part of. A portion of all revenue at REAL Insurance is put back into the community it serves. This has gained national attention and Real Insurance has even been endorsed by Dave Ramsey. 

Stay tuned throughout the episode as Kyle and Christian have a very informative conversation about entrepreneurship, servant leadership, and company culture. Christian is an amazing story teller, as he tells about his journey, and the interactions that led to him being the owner of his own agency. 

You can discover more about Christian and REAL Insurance Agency at Thanks for tuning in and please be sure to leave a review and subscribe to The Employer Blueprint Podcast.