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Mar 16, 2020

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is honored to present Liz Kislik. Liz is the President of Liz Kislik Associates LLC where she is an Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker. According to her LinkedIn profile, Liz also gives professional advice as a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, as well as a speaker for TEDx.  Liz also has more than 30 years experience advising many companies such as American Express, Orvis, and The Girls Scouts. 

Liz started her professional career after college where she worked for a small Marketing Agency. It was there that Liz learned a lot about not only Marketing, but Management. Because of a situation where a manager was away form work on a maternity leave, Liz became responsible for multiple employees and promoted regularly because of her willingness to learn new skills pertaining to many jobs in the company. This led to opportunities to manage a 300 person call center, as well as being an Executive VP by age 29. Later the company change directions and Liz decided to also change directions and start her own business. 30 years later she is still a successful entrepreneur who has made a career from helping others. 

Liz recalls an instance in her role as a leader of a team when people didn’t start working until after 9AM, and she was expecting them to begin at an earlier time. The employees would show up on time, however they would spend the first few hours getting coffee, talking, and sharpening pencils. Rather than get mad and demand the results she wanted, Liz decided to take a different approach, and she made sure their pencils were sharpened before the employees got there in the morning. This let the team know that Liz was supporting them and encouraged them to get started earlier. 

“Looking at what’s happening. Letting it bother you. Not getting stuck in being bothered. Thinking, what would I actually do about this, and looking for a way to be a service that acknowledges the people who work for you.” - Liz Kislik on motivating her team. 

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Find more about Liz Kislik at the link below.