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Jan 20, 2020

This week’s episode of the Employer Blueprint Podcast we are extremely honored to present Grant Botma. Grant is the founder of Stewardship, and Culture Course.  It was through Stewardship, a financial services firm that helps its clients with lending, insurance, and investment advice, that Grant became very successful and learned to build a business by loving people and providing excellent service. With that growth came the need to hire employees and Grant found himself challenged with finding the right team of individuals who could be self directed so that he could continue growing the business. Stewardship was already operating with a small team when one of Grant’s key employees wanted to quit and follow his passion for mission work over seas. This is when Grant took a hard look at himself, his leadership style, and his company's culture. Through much research and the success of implementing strategies into his own business, Grant founded an online course called Culture Course, a system created to help business owners build a team of thriving employees. 

Stewardship has been named one of Inc. 5000 Fasted Growing Companies in America. Grant Botma has also earned several awards such as Top Agent Magazine's Cover Agent, Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 35, and is a number one Best Selling Author on Amazon. 

To find more information about Grant and his companies, please be sure to visit the websites below.