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Jun 10, 2019

One of the key indicators to successful organizations is having a great team within the organization. This is fairly universal, and almost as if the all great companies have great teams, like they automatically go together. In this episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast, Karen Walker talks about the patterns and traits to look for in high performing teams, and how to move your good team to become a great team. One of the topics touched on is the specific need to help people exit an organization, because an organization is only as good as its weakest team member, as Karen explains. 

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is excited to present this week’s episode, Developing High Performing Teams with Karen Walker. Karen is a Strategic Advisor, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Author. After helping lead the growth of the fastest growing company in American History, Compaq Computers, Karen became a consultant to companies that have a need for internal strategies to match their external growth. Karen has a long list of experience that she uses to contribute to the success of her clients including IPO’s, Acquisitions, and Market Share Increases, according to her LinkedIn profile. Also an Author, Karen’s book is titled No Dumbing Down: A Guide for CEOs on Organizational Growth. In her book, Karen talks about the importance of aligning internal strategies with external strategies for profitable growth. Sales and Revenue are important to a company’s growth, and it is also important to have the right employees in place to support that growth. Enjoy the episode and please make sure you subscribe to the Employer Blueprint Podcast so you don’t miss an episode in the future.