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Oct 14, 2019

Here’s an interesting question for you. Are you making what you are worth? It could be assumed that most people listening right now would answer “no” to that question. If you own a business, believe it or not you have a lot of control over whether you are getting paid what you are worth. On this weeks episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast we are excited to present Rob Braiman. Kyle and Rob have an amazing conversation about many things and the most important of their conversation is about “Profit First”. Rob Braiman started his company Cogent Analytics because he wanted to advise and represent small business owners based on his value system and not someone else’s. This view of consulting comes from past experience of working for other consulting firms where it can sometimes be “more about the billed hours than it becomes about actually making a difference”, as said by Rob in the podcast episode. Through Cogent Analytics, Rob is trying to disrupt the industry by having a client first model. As Rob explains, there is a lot of client engagement done after the problem is fixed to make sure there is success long term.

“Cogent Analytics is born out of a simple set of values; its honor, courage, wisdom, faith, perseverance, and loyalty. That goes back to my military days. That’s tenets of strength power and character, and I don’t break them for anybody” ` Rob Braiman 

At the end of the podcast Rob has a special offer for The Employer Blueprint Podcast listeners. We hope you really enjoy this weeks episode. Please make sure to hit that subscribe button in iTunes or wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts, and also be sure to leave us a review. And as always if you have any questions about any of the topics that are covered in this episode, please feel free to reach out to us at