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Jul 2, 2018

Business Playmakers is proud to present Lee Caraher, President and CEO of Double Forte. After graduating from Carleton College, Lee decided to start a career in Public Relations. She moved to Boston and after some great advice from a friend and mentor, she was able to start working for Weber Shandwick. After working there for a few years Lee made a decision, because of a medical condition, to move to an area of the country where there was more sun. This led Lee to move to Los Angeles, and then to San Fransisco, to work with many big names in the video game industry including SEGA of America. The firm that Lee worked for in Boston, Weber Shandwick, recruited her to work for them in a west coast division of the company, Red Whistle Communications. After helping launch Red Whistle, during a time when the economy was struggling, and just after September 11, 2001, Lee decided to leave the company. During a time of self discovery and much needed time spent with family, Lee started her own company called Double Forte, a public relations, content marketing and social media firm, where she has been the CEO for more than 15 years. This episode is full of Lee’s amazing story telling abilities and awesome personality. Lee’s journey is one that would have made the strongest business professional/ entrepreneur crawl under their desk and hide, however that is not her style. Just in her telling her introduction story, Lee approaches every set back with amazing clarity and perspective. There were so many pivotal moments in her career where Lee could have either thrown in the towel, or settled for the sake of a paycheck. There were also other moments in her life where Lee could have had a huge pity party. Instead, Lee decided to live on her terms, take care of the needs of her family, and create a business that allowed her to work on her terms as well.   

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