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Jul 23, 2018

Business Playmakers is excited to present Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and Sales and Strategy Leader, Daniel Wainright. Daniel has a B.A. in Communications from Georgetown College, an MBA from Bellarmine University, and is currently a Director for Groupe Claritas in Lyon Area, France. During his recent mission trip to Europe, Kyle was able to connect with Daniel and interview him for the Business Playmakers podcast. 

After graduating from college, Daniel and his wife wanted to travel more, so they began working with International Business Associates, and found themselves in North Africa helping companies with Leadership Development. After a few years, they decided to move back to the United States, however after being called to serve through a message delivered by his pastor, Daniel and his family moved back over seas to France. Daniel wanted to be able to help with the development of new churches, while doing so in a business role. Daniel talks about his mentors, lessons he has learned in his journey in relation to business and family, as well as what life is like raising kids in France. You don’t want to miss this episode as Daniel shares his knowledge about international business, and his walk in Faith. 

Welcome to Business Playmakers, the podcast that meets with innovators, trailblazers, and leaders to learn about their experience and what success really means. Hosted by entrepreneur and leadership coach, Kyle Gorman. 

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