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Oct 8, 2018

Business Playmakers is honored to have our newest guest Setema Gali. After playing football for Brigham Young University, Setema was picked up by the New England Patriots as an un-drafted free agent. During his professional career, Setema reached a moment that every professional football player dreams of, to play in the Super Bowl. Setema didn’t just play in the Super Bowl, that year, The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Soon after and at the height of his professional career, Setema suffered a back injury and was forced into early retirement. While trying to figure out what to do with his life after football, Setema began working in the mortgage industry. This went well for him, and he found he could make a lot of money, however the housing market took a big downturn. The crash happened, and a man who had once won a Super Bowl, and was very successful in the mortgage industry, suddenly found himself near poverty. Things were so tough that Setema even sold his Super Bowl Championship Ring to pay bills and feed his family. He took a job selling door to door, and Setema found that he was really good at it. So good that he was leading all of the other sales people in the company. After three years of having massive success, Setema decided to finally follow his passion and do what he always wanted to do, be a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Since taking the leap into being an entrepreneur, Setema has become a best selling author, a host for a podcast, and is regularly booked for speaking engagements. His book, Winning After The Game, How To Win In Your Life No Matter Who You Are or What You’ve Been Through, tells a story about Setema and his career ending injury, as well as how he overcame his adversity. Setema also hosts a podcast titled Your Daily Revolution Podcast. Enjoy this amazing episode as we present Setema Gali, and for more information about Setema, links to his book, and his podcast, visit his website at