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Oct 29, 2018

Welcome to Business Playmakers podcast where we are excited to present Chris D. Bentley. Chris begins his story by talking about his mother and father who were immigrants, and attributes his ability to hustle to them. From a very young age, Chris was always trying to find things to resell. Chris would even go through the trash of some of the houses in his neighborhood and find things that were thought to be broken, fix them, and resell them. He was into drag racing and fixing cars, and Chris thought that was what he would do with his life. He went to community college for a short period of time, and even tried the financial services industry, however Chris never really found his passion until he was introduced to Real Estate Sales. Chris’s success is attributed to his ability to not only sell, but also to develop a relationship with his clients based on brutal honesty and trust. Now one of the top agents in the Dallas TX area, Chris talks openly about his successes, but even more about his failures. His transparency is refreshing in that Chris gives the true view of the life of an entrepreneur. Chris is not only a Real Estate Agent, he has multiple other businesses, as well as he is an author. Chris has written 2 books, 7 Tips To Get the Highest Value For Your House, and 7 Home Buying Misconceptions. In the podcast he states that if you are interested in his books, you can message him on Facebook under Chris D. Bentley, and Chris will send you the books for free if you mention the Business Playmakers podcast. 


Chris’s Facebook Page