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Mar 5, 2019

Business Playmakers podcast is proud to present the Founder of the COO Alliance, and the Second In Command Podcast, Cameron Herold. Cameron is known everywhere as the CEO Whisperer, and has been highly renowned for his ability to lead leaders. Cameron’s story starts much earlier as his own father raised him to be an entrepreneur. By 21, Cameron had started a business and had more than 12 full time employees working for him, and had coached 120 entrepreneurs by the time he was 20 years old. Cameron helped build 2 companies that were worth more than $100 million dollars by the time he was 35 years old, and by 42 he helped a company known as 1-800- GOT-JUNK grow from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue. Cameron is a best selling author of the book Double Double as well as 4 other books that can be found on Amazon. Beyond being a Business Coach to CEOs and a Public Speaker, Cameron also has a passion for parenting in the way his parents raised him. You can find a popular TED Talk with Cameron where he speaks about raising kids to be entrepreneurs. You will definitely love this episode, where Cameron and Kyle have in depth conversations about leadership, management, and workforce development. Cameron is very passionate and many of his answers to questions are genuine in that he allows the Business Playmakers audience to get a glimpse into his personal life. You’ll be especially surprised when Cameron answers the question that Kyle always asks, “What does success mean to you.” Enjoy this week on Business Playmakers and please remember to subscribe, and leave us a review.