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Mar 26, 2019

Business Playmakers podcast is exited to bring you the Co Founder and President at Delta Life Franchising, and Radio Host at Texas Franchise Radio, Robby Marlow. Robby had his first experience as an entrepreneur as a 12 year old who convinced his dad to buy him as CD burner. Robby would download songs from Napster, and burn CD’s of multiple songs so he could take them to school and sell them. Robby’s father was an engineer, so he went to school to be an engineer, and at 24 he found himself working in an office cubicle, and had become overweight and un-healthy. He connected with a friend who had a successful fitness class, which Robby participated in to get in shape. As he started getting in shape and feeling better about himself, Robby developed a passion for fitness. This passion is what inspired Robby to start coaching others to get in shape as well. As time went on and Robby realized he could develop a business around coaching others to get in shape, he and his business partner opened a facility of their own. 

According to Robby’s LinkedIn profile, Delta Life Fitness is a group training workout for women. Delta Life’s training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. The website promotes 30 minute workouts, and free childcare. With more than 25 locations across the country, Delta Life not only empowers women through fitness, it also encourages entrepreneurship in franchising by allowing someone who is passionate about fitness to own their own location. 

You can find more information about Delta Life Fitness and Robby Marlow by way of the website above, as well as through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn by searching Robby Marlow. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe so that you never miss a weekly episode of Business Playmakers podcast.