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Apr 1, 2019

Introduction message from the host of Business Playmakers podcast, Kyle Gorman.

~I am often asked whether we should be using personality assessments, such as Myers Briggs, in the hiring process and in hiring decisions. My belief is that it should not be a primary tool to be used in the hiring decision, but it is a great way to understand how to coach, manage, and communicate to someone you bring into your organization. There is an incredible value in understanding the personality of someone and how they are going to fit into the organization, however I am not a fan of putting a lot of weight into a personality assessment for the hiring decision. Today’s guest will talk about why it is beneficial to do these personality assessments, the DISC assessment specifically. Gregory talks about how you can use the DISC assessment to evaluate your own traits that you hadn’t analyzed or defined before. You can also use these assessments to analyze the personalities of the people on your team. This is an incredible value because as you learn to analyze the personalities of the people on your team, it will help open up channels of communication. It will also help you better understand ways to convey a message to someone, and how to receive a message from someone based on their personality. As a leader in your organization, it is incredibly important to learn how to adapt to these communication styles so that you can communicate your vision effectively. This is something you will never be able to effectively do that without understanding the personalities of your team. In this episode we will talk about people versus processes and how to effectively evaluate your team, and the communication gaps we sometimes face. ~

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present the Owner and CEO of Gray Solutions LLC, Executive Life Coach, and Business Owner Freedom Podcast Host, Gregory Gray. Gregory spent the beginnings of his career in the corporate world, specifically in the manufacturing space. Like many entrepreneurs, Gregory saw a need for some things to be done differently which led to him stepping out of the corporate world in 2010 to be a Consultant for Leadership and Organizational Development. Since then, Gregory’s consulting firm has taken off and Gregory has a thriving business as an Executive Life Coach in which according to his LinkedIn profile, he seeks to educate and inspire while helping to build a life of joy and purpose. Gregory is also a Business Advisor for where he helps business owners to get control of their business so as to give them more freedom in the areas of time, money, and purpose. 

As Kyle talks about in his opening dialogue, he and Gregory have in depth conversations around personality assessments, and how to effectively use them in business. Enjoy the episode and please remember to subscribe and review the podcast!