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Apr 15, 2019

~Message from Kyle Gorman 

As leaders in our business I think it’s also important that we become leaders in our community. It’s important to find ways to give back and be a part of our community. Whether you are in a small market or large market, there are ways to get involved by way of organizations that need help and support, and it is important to be an advocate in the community for those organizations. On today’s episode I had a great time sitting down with a gentleman named Kirk Kirkpatrick. Kirk is an amazing leader, and has really been a staple and a huge advocate for the Owensboro community as a whole. There is not an event that you can go to in Owensboro that he isn’t involved with, and the things that Kurt has done to shape this community are really incredible. Kirk has an amazing personality, and a wonderful career story. The way he has gotten engaged in his community has created a positive impact, and it is a motivation for others to understand what can be done when we are intentional about making a difference. What I’m encouraging you to do, is listen to Kirks information today, and think about ways that you can get involved and give back to your community  as well. 

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to feature Kirk Kirkpatrick as this weeks guest. Kirk is a true leader in the Owensboro community and is the current President of the Video Division at Wax Works/ Video Works. Previous accomplishments and positions held include the Executive Director of Friday after Five, the Interim Leader of Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, and the President and CEO of the River Park Center. Kirk Kirkpatrick was born in Owensboro KY, and after graduating from Owensboro High School, he attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington VA. After college, Kirk worked for Owensboro on the Air before joining Wax Works/ Video Works in 1984. After being named Vice President, Kirk was responsible for $100 million in sales in one year for the company. In 2001, Kirk became CEO of the RiverPark Center where he was involved in the raising of over $1.5 million dollars for the RiverPark Center. Kirk later returned to Wax Works/ Video Works where he now represents all major Hollywood studios’ including Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox, and has several times appeared on QVC where he promoted and sold DVDs. 

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