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Apr 2, 2018

Business Playmakers is excited to present the Founder and CEO of FreeUp, Nathan Hirsch. As well as FreeeUP, Nathan is also the COO of an Amazon e-commerce business called Portlight LLC.  Being an entrepreneur wasn’t something Nathan chose to do, but rather something that chose him. Coming from a household of parents who were teachers, Nathan was expected to intern at different companies during the summer months when school was out. During this time, Nathan realized that the internships were preparing him to work for someone else, and it really didn’t excite him. One of the first businesses Nathan started was when he was in college, and was tired of the prices being charged by the bookstore for textbooks. Noticing a problem, and seeing an opportunity to make money, Nathan started selling text books to other students from his dorm room. This was an awesome opportunity for Nathan until he received a cease and desist letter from the university. Knowing there was still an opportunity in book sales, and unable to do so from his dorm room, Nathan found a website called, and began his first e-commerce business. Through many wins and fails, Nathan was able to grow his Amazon business to millions of dollars in sales. Nathan eventually had to hire people to help his with his business and in that process, and the discovery of remote employees, he created another company called FreeeUP. A network of freelance employees, FreeeUp allows business owners the ability to hire someone to help with a specific need in their business, without having to post a job, interview, and bring on a long term employee.

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