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Jul 29, 2019

Have you ever had an amazing idea for your company that you were not able to implement on your own? You decided to bring someone in to train the people on this new initiative and you were just positive that this was going to absolutely revolutionize the way that you did business. In your head, people on your team were going to set through this training, and at the end they were all going to be cheering and excited at all of the new information they received. Everyone would go back to work and be more productive and happy to work for such an amazing company that provides such cutting edge training. And even though it wasn’t quite like what you imagined, the employees did become more productive and energized, for the first couple of months. Old habits are hard to break and even though it may have been a good training, the long term effectiveness wasn’t as good because things went back to the way they were. It happens to companies of all types. Whether it be from a company’s internal training department or an outsourced coach or trainer, a team needs to be trained in new ways of doing things when your company is moving in a new direction. What companies often fail to do, is find ways to evaluate this new training to make sure that it is actually effective. Steps should be put in place to make sure that the training actually works, and there are results that can be seen from the trainings that have been had. On today’s show you’re going to learn about a system that does just that, called the New World Kirkpatrick Model from the creator Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick. 

Dr. Kirkpatrick is the Senior Consultant at Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC, a Keynoter Speaker, Coach, and Author. Dr. Kirkpatrick attended University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point where he received Bachelors and Masters Degrees, before attending Indiana State University where he earned his PhD in Counseling Psychology. After college, Dr. Kirkpatrick was working as a Training Director for a bank in Indianapolis Indiana, and decided to learn more about training a team from from a visiting professor from the University of Wisconsin name Don Kirkpatrick. The last name was not a coincidence because that visiting professor was his father. Don was actually the developer of the original Kirkpatrick Model of training in the 1950’s, and since then Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick has developed the New World Kirkpatrick Model, which is credited as being a very powerful training model that ultimately serves the business organization and delivers results. Kyle and Dr. Kirkpatrick have an amazing conversation in which it is explained that no training by itself can deliver results, instead there needs to be follow up and accountability in order to create the habits that deliver the best results. For hundreds of free resources and to contact Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick or his team, visit Thank You for tuning in and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the excited upcoming episodes of The Employer Blueprint Podcast.