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Jul 8, 2019

We will all face change in the course of our leadership journey. Whether you have started a business, or as your business grows, you will bring in new leaders into your company, you will count on others to help your organization move forward. So much of the key to this change being successful is preparing for it on the front end, and preparing for the moment when you will need to rely on others for your success. Today’s guest Ron Carucci is an expert in this, and he has done extensive research on organizational growth and development. Ron Carucci held positions at well-known companies including PepsiCo in ADP before venturing out on his own. As he states in the podcast, he realized that he was never going to be able to fully help organizations if he continued to be a part of them. In 2004 Ron Carucci became the owner and managing partner of Navalent, a consulting firm that delivers organizational solutions to senior executives. Ron’s passion is organizational leadership and organizational behavior with the goal to create cultures within the workplace that help people fall in love with their work. Aside from being the managing partner of Navalent, Ron is also a best selling author of eight books, a coach, and has been featured on TED talks, twice. Ron has shared his experience as a contributor to the the Harvard Business Review, and to Forbes. Ron’s latest book, Rising to Power, covers many of the topics discussed in this episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast as it relates to Transformational Leadership. Through studies discussed in the book, it was found that more than 50% of the time leaders fail in the first 18 months of their new appointment or assignment. Through that research, some differentiators of successful leaders were uncovered that set them apart. Enjoy this episode as Kyle and Ron have amazing conversations about leadership, business, and everything in between. You can find more information about Ron Carucci and Navalent at  Please be sure to subscribe to the Employer Blueprint Podcast so that you don’t miss any episodes in the future. Thank you for tuning in!