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Aug 5, 2019

Before we get started today I just want to let you know that we had a little bit of a technical problem on today show at about 24 minutes in. You will hear that the audio from our guest cut out,  and we didn’t find out until we had already recorded the episode and it was in production. Unfortunately, she was in the middle of telling a great illustration. What our guest is talking about, is a headline from the 60s that reads “headless body in topless bar.” It is such a great illustration to the point she is making and we didn’t want you to miss out on it. So at 24 minutes you will hear Kyle jumping in to let you know at the part that got messed up. 

It is a busy world out there, and not just our schedules or where we have to be and when we have to be there. It’s a busy world in our social media feeds, in our email, and the way that we are connecting with people. So that raises the question for businesses, “how do we get notices, how do we get recognized, and how do we make sure the people are seeing the great information that we have out there for them?” On today’s episode we have Lorraine Ball who is going to share with us seven suggestions. Some of these include, how to form a subject line, or a headline, that will compliment the content you are putting out. Before having a great headline, you also must have great content. In order to have great content you have to understand what your customers want, and what will be beneficial for them. Your content you should be constantly adding value to your customers lives by giving them information that is helpful and important to them, and solve problems they may have. The fact is that if you put out junk content only for the purpose of hooking your potential customers in, you’ll end up losing customers in the end. So as you’re listening to today’s episode and learning ways that you can potentially gain attention with a subject line or title, also be thinking about the content. It’s important to get your potential customer’s attention however it is even more important to have content that is good enough to keep it. 

Lorraine Ball is a Digital Marketing Strategist and the owner of a company called Round Peg. Round Peg is a Marketing Agency that started out in the traditional form, and as times changed so did the company. Today Round Peg is a Digital Marketing Strategy firm that works with businesses in areas that include web design, brand, logo, and social media as well as content creation. You can find more information about Lorraine Ball and Round Peg as well as other ventures at

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