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Oct 28, 2019

Who are you? Should you be apologizing for who you are? On today’s episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast we are proud to present Davide Di Giorgio. Davide started his career as a Composer and Musical Director who had his first show at age 16, and published a musical at age 19. In the beginning Davide followed his passion for theatre by running his own theatre production company while also teaching, before his own self awareness allowed him to pursue a path to helping others. After looking at his own life and the complications with relationships and family that he had, Davide had the revelation that he was the problem and in recognizing that, realized that he was also the solution. 

As Davide states in the interview, “What if I started to change who I was being to the world.. What if being unapologetic.. was the key?” 

This became the inspiration for Davide’s international best selling book Being Unapologetic, Empowering You to Become an Influential Speaker and Visionary Leader. Through out the podcast, Kyle and Davide have an amazing conversation in which Davide shares personal stories about his journey, as well as some tips about being accountable to who you are so that you can realize that you are also the solution. This is critical for anyone in a leadership role and can be very empowering to be able to lead with confidence. As well as being an Author, Davide is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Ambassador, Expert, and Consultant. You can find out more about Davide by way of his website as well as all social media platforms. In the podcast Davide specifically mentions Instagram, where he replies to everyone personally, and encourages others to reach out and start a conversation. Enjoy today’s episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast, and please make sure to subscribe, and leave a comment or rating.