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Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to The Employer Blueprint Podcast and we are proud to present this weeks guests, Liz Hewson and Dr. Mark Lund, the founders of Twin Lights Coaching and Consulting. Liz and Mark met in a business coaching program and decided to start a business together after discovering a need from the challenge of communication in the workplace and the advancements in technology. With more communication being done by text message and e-mail, there is a gap in communication that doesn’t properly express body language. This breakdown in communication is costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and over $20,000 per employee. As mentioned by Dr. Lund in the podcast episode, communication builds trust, trust builds commitment by the employee, and commitment creates engagement. Through communication, trust, and commitment there are fewer mistakes made by miscommunication, with employees that are more effective in their roles, and the ability to retain key employees by the business allowing the company culture to flourish. 

Dr. Mark Lund spent many years in Healthcare, specifically intensive care and operating rooms, where lives are lost in seconds and minutes, which is why he is passionate about having teams that communicate effectively. Liz Hewson studied Theatre and Public Speaking in college and as she raised her children, she started noticing the break down in communication as technology became more advanced. Liz and Mark teamed up to start Twin Lights Coaching and Consulting as a way to help companies and their employees communicate more effectively by improving engagement and trust through workshops, programs, retreats, and team activities to help improve and develop better emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills. To discover more about Dr. Mark Lund, Liz Hewson, and Twin Lights Consulting, be sure to visit

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