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Apr 13, 2020

Welcome to the Employer Blueprint Podcast and this week we are excited to present Daniel Snow. Daniel Snow is CEO and Founder of the New Jersey based online/social media marketing agency, Snow Agency and Social Cadre.

Prior to becoming a disruptor in the social media eCommerce landscape, Daniel Snow had massive success with two other social media based companies he founded while still in college, Snow Media and Caffeine Digital.

Caffeine Digital is a self serve ad platform geared towards influencers on Instagram and Twitter to monetize their followings. Founded in August of 2014, it quickly gained traction in the market among influencers, celebrities, and individuals who possessed massive followings geared towards specific niches. During its first year of business, Caffeine Digital was able to register over 2,000 affiliates as well generate nearly $7M in revenue.

Snow Media, is the holding company for Daniel’s 20 million + followers on Twitter and Instagram; most notably @rap on Instagram which has 5.2 million followers.

Using the insights gained from Caffeine Digital and unique knowledge about the social media landscape, Daniel was able to generate over $40M during his first 2.5 years towards his various E-commerce brands. To find out more about Daniel Snow or any of his companies, be sure to visit the links below.






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