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Mar 2, 2020

Employer Blueprint Podcast is excited to present Boost Media Group Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Pulvino. Jeff has has built, managed, and consulted with numerous corporations in various fields of industry for over 20 years. Jeff’s experience of business ownership and consulting ranges from; Start-Up Ventures, Software Companies, Healthcare, Call Centers, Professional Services, Construction, Mortgage, Real Estate, Auto Dealerships, and Patented Products.

He is proficient in most aspects of Business Management, Operations, Start-Ups, Marketing, Sales, Motivation and Training, and Jeff brings vision to a business in his ability to “think outside the box.” With the ability to innovate beyond the paradigms of a company’s self-limiting belief systems, and given his breadth of diversity Jeff can quickly assess a business’s strong and weak points, developing a strategic plan to reach long-term goals.

With his expertise in multiple areas, Jeff Pulvino breaks down places he is able to help businesses with the topics below:

– Expanding your business

– Increasing revenues

– Improving your ROI

– Creating a more productive environment

– Maximizing your infrastructure flow

– Hiring better employees

– Increasing customer satisfaction

– Connecting more with your clients

– Getting a new business started

– Branding your company

– Protecting your reputation

– Establishing a social media presence

– Changing the limiting paradigms of your organization

– Motivating your employees

– Being more adept, decisive & innovative

To find out more about Jeff Pulvino, and Boost Media Group, visit the website below.

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